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Lawless Mexico Kills 1,000 Times More Americans Than Terrorists Do

Rod Thomson

A series of major events in recent months have revealed just how lawless and uncivilized the northern provinces of Mexico have become. Since these form the actual border with the southern United States, this causes a direct threat and makes the case for the wall even more urgent.

The highest profile incident was the military-like strike by one of the Mexican cartels against American citizens traveling in a convoy just south of the American border, slaughtering 21 men, women and children.

But that was a single incident that got our attention because they were Americans. The reality is that this is life in the provinces of Northern Mexico, where the federal government only makes forays and local government and police are hopelessly corrupted by cartel money and threats. Honest politicians and police have very short lifespans, hence there are few.

An in-depth article by the Louisville Courier Journal, journalism the way it used to be done, focuses on the biggest cartel leader, but paints a portrait of an entire region that acts as a country within a country, with its own brutal rules that is devastating millions of Americans. It is an enemy of the United States through its operations, but operating with a sort of umbrella protection from attacks by the American military by technically being Mexico.

The Investigation estimates than since 2013, about 300,000 Americans have died directly from illegal drug addictions. And the vast majority of those drugs came from Mexico. About 300 Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks since 2013. That’s a 1,000 to 1 ratio.

The article tags Rubén “Nemesio” Oseguera Cervantes, also known as El Mencho, the leader of Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, better known as CJNG. He has a $10 million reward on his head and is on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Most Wanted list. But it would require a full-scale military operation to get him, and considering the cartel infiltration in the Mexican Army, that is remote. Perhaps a U.S. Seal Team could do it, but that would require approval of the Mexican government, also remote.

“A nine-month Courier Journal investigation reveals how CJNG’s reach has spread across the U.S. in the past five years, overwhelming cities and small towns with massive amounts of drugs.

“The investigation documented CJNG operations in at least 35 states and Puerto Rico, a sticky web that has snared struggling business owners, thousands of drug users and Mexican immigrants terrified to challenge cartel orders.”

So, El Mencho’s incredibly powerful and connected international drug syndicate is flooding the United States with thousands of kilos of methamphetamines, fentanyl, heroin and cocaine every year. This Mexican cartel alone smuggles at least 120 tons of high-purity meth and cocaine into the U.S. each year. This bottomless deluge of narcotics has created addictions at historic levels, causing heartache for millions and spiking the suicide rate.

The Courier Journal investigation reported, “The unending stream of narcotics has contributed to this country’s unprecedented addiction crisis, devastating families and killing more than 300,000 people since 2013.”

That is an enemy of the United States with damaging successes that terrorists around the globe can only dream of.

Uttam Dhillon, DEA’s acting administrator, calls CJNG’s rapid growth from the Atlantic to the Pacific in under 10 years “clear, present and growing danger.” Seems to understate it.

According to the Courier Journal investigation:

“The billion-dollar criminal organization has a large and disciplined army, control of extensive drug routes throughout the U.S., sophisticated money-laundering techniques and an elaborate digital terror campaign, federal drug agents say. Its extreme savagery in Mexico includes beheadings, public hangings, acid baths, even cannibalism. The cartel circulates these images of torture and execution on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to spread fear and intimidation.”

This is precisely how terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda operate. 

The cartels have enormous resources and manpower, and control most of the border areas in some fashion. They can build intricate tunnels, use technology and attempt to smuggle drugs and people into the country in numerous ways.

Some Americans think this means that a wall is useless. What it actually means is that a wall is merely an essential first step in an ongoing war to secure our border from the predatory Mexican cartels that control the lands south of it and are, literally, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The wall is a start. So are deportations.

On a small upbeat note, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency deported more than a quarter of a million illegal aliens from the United States in Fiscal Year 2019 (September 2018 through October 2019) including roughly 5,500 gang members. That’s a 20 percent increase over 2017.

But that, too, is only one of the multiple steps necessary if we are to regain control of our southern border and start reducing the staggering number of drug addiction deaths.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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11 replies on “Lawless Mexico Kills 1,000 Times More Americans Than Terrorists Do”

The ratio of 300,000 to 300 is 1000:1. I appreciate conservative content, I’m just can’t show it to anyone when it has glaring math errors.

No one is forcing Americans to use drugs. The problem here is the moral decay of America. The cartels are just supplying the demand caused by that. BTW I think someone did a study that suggests 80 percent of liberals use drugs. That should tell you something.

That’s just 300,000 deaths since 2003. What about other associated costs? The total number must be huge, overwhelming and not taken into consideration the total costs of illegal immigration into the USA. If each death is worth 1,000,000 over a lifetime that’s $300 Billion in lost economic activity. If there are 50 million users of drugs and each spent $10,000 a year that would be $ 500 Billion a year! Dan Patrick, the Lt.Governor of Texas, has stated there are at least 40 million illegals in the USA in 2018 and the numbers are climbing. When you count the children of these illegals the numbers could be as high as 50 million. Each one of these people cost the economy, including depressed wages, at least $50,000 a year in increased housing, education, medical, welfare, homelessness, illegal drugs, and job costs, and contribute little in return of any value. That’s at least 2.5 TRILLION a year, enough to pay off all student debt, house the homeless, increase pay to the military, and give social security recipients a 25% rise in benefits. Projected over a lifetime in current dollars that’s 125 TRILLION sufficient to pay off the national debt 6 times over, fund a generous social security nest egg for every American, give free education and lifetime professional vocational training to all American workers and much, much more.

The CIA is in bed with the Mexican cartel. CIA controls all illegal drug imports into US.
Legalize all drugs and stop micromanaging people and solve a huge problem.
US should consider making Mexico a state. It would solve even more problems.

I see the point that is being made but the math in the article is so bad it can’t be used to address he problem to leftist liberals.

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