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How The Media Can Fix Itself. And…CNN Is?

Rod Thomson

I can’t even pretend to know what CNN is really thinking by hiring as political editor for their 2020 election coverage Sarah Isgur Flores, a former spokeswoman for the Trump Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions and campaign operative for Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz.

Of course, the DoJ has been one of the leakier Deep State departments undermining Trump. There is that. So for the conspiracists, she might already have a close relationship there. And if you like your conspiracies really toasty warm, you might suspect that she’s told CNN that she just has a lot of dirt from her time in connection with the Mueller investigation and knows how to get information out of the DoJ.

But I can say that if the media were serious about actually fixing itself, it would be doing a lot more hiring of conservatives. A LOT.

While recently seeing some modest increases, CNN suffered serious, almost debilitating ratings declines in the two years following President Trump’s election. They fell well behind known liberal network MSNBC and out-of-sight behind well-known conservative network Fox News. They had long wanted themselves to be seen as the most trusted name in news, but consistently ranked below Fox News and sometimes behind MSNBC.

Of course, they jettisoned all that talk of being trusted in the age of Trump and went full-bore partisan hack, often sprinting over to outright propaganda machine.

But if they really want to regain broad-based trust, CNN like every other mainstream media organization, needs to trash diversity based on skin color and gender — which leads to a rainbow of RightThink liberals and horribly partisan content — and seek a diversity of worldview.

Here’s how it could work.

First and foremost, approach it at the start like an addiction — in this case, an addiction to one worldview that supposes it is the one really true truth and all others are fake news.

Admit you have a problem.

Between 85-90 percent of the working media admit to being registered Democrat. I suspect the number of left-of-center journalists is actually higher than based on my own 25 years of experience in newspaper newsrooms.

Admit that because of human nature, that reality causes a deep leftist bias in the resulting product. No waving around the magic wand of “we’re professionals” makes that bias go away. Everyone has these biases, which is why diversity of worldview is critical.

Admit also that since Trump’s presidency, the bias has become blatant and damaging to credibility and driven many Americans to turn off the media for good.

In President Trump’s recent State of the Union speech, there was an amazing diversity of coverage and headlines — but one hundred percent predictable if you align them with worldviews and politics. Here are a few next day headlines of the speech that garnered 76 percent positive response from those who watched it:

➔ (conservative reporters) Washington Examiner: With pitch for unity, Trump urges Congress to ‘choose greatness’

➔ (conservative reporters) NY Post: Congresswomen clad in ‘suffragette white’ give Trump a standing ovation

➔ (“mainstream” reporters) Washington Post: In dissonant speech, Trump seeks unity while depicting ruin

➔ (“mainstream reporters) New York Times head: Trump Presses Hard Line on Immigration in State of the Union Speech

So the mainstream media, filled with leftists reporters and editors puts out leftist content and everyone not a leftist distrusts them — and they think it is because they get facts wrong, or conservatives just don’t like the truth. This is what they tell themselves.

This is not a new development under Trump; it’s been going on for decades. CNN was referred to as the Clinton News Network in the 1990s because of course its reporters were sympathetic to the Democrat President — because virtually all of them voted for him and supported his agenda.

That completely explains what opened the door for Fox News, which when it launched tapped into the biases obvious by the 1990s. Fox News started with the slogan Fair and Balanced and then moved on to We Report You Decide. Now it runs with Most Watched, Most Trusted — because it is both in many polls.

Meanwhile, oblivious to what they were openly communicating 64 million American who voted Trump into office and saw hope for a brighter America without the Clinton corruption machine in power again, the Washington Post changed their slogan to the dark, ominous and utterly self-absorbed “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Well, they are totally in the dark about their problems, sitting right there in their newsroom. About 90 percent of all news coverage regarding President Trump has been negative. No wonder they are mostly only getting anti-Trump and liberal consumers — and losing everyone else.

But WaPo and CNN are simply representative of virtually all newspapers aside from a few small, newer conservative ones, and all networks except Fox News.

If the media actually wants to reform itself, it must admit to the problem and the solution: fill newsrooms with reporters and editors that mirror the worldview of Americans. This is easily the biggest key to their trustworthiness is journalists, and why so many of us don’t trust them.

They cannot have every shade of only one worldview and expect balance and fairness — or expect that Americans will turn back to them. They will remain discredited and end up just being shrunken leftist silo media organs while the right has its own silo of media organs.

It might be too late. I’ve been blowing this horn for decades to no avail. But it might not be. And if it is not, then what CNN has done by hiring the conservative Flores — not just as a commentator people can ignore but as a news decision-maker — is the only way out of the silo.

It just needs to be repeated dozens, and then hundreds of times, until there is balance among those creating the content.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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4 replies on “How The Media Can Fix Itself. And…CNN Is?”

It’s no longer a conspiracy when the facts lead you to the truth. This nation is under siege and it will not stop until this nation succumbs to the NWO/OWO. This is exactly what the globalists and our elites have been pushing for well over 60 years as evidenced by the following:

It’s no longer just Republican vs Democrat or liberal vs conservative, It’s the 1 percent vs the percent, rural vs urban, white men against the world. Climate doubters clash with believers. Bathrooms have become battlefields, borders are battle lines. Sex and race, faith and ethnicity, the melting pot seems to be boiling over. Our national direction is being determined by special-interest groups who demand “rights” while denying the legitimate rights of others. As a result, opportunity, productivity and even the promise of meaningful employment are being destroyed. Freedom and responsibility are being exchanged for dependence and entitlement. Excessive government spending is bankrupting the country and robbing future generations of the opportunity to succeed through honest labor.

In the past, the U.S. economy was being slowly but surely destroyed and many Americans had no idea that it was happening. That is at least partially due to the fact that most financial news is entirely focused on the short-term. Long story short, the reality is that there were certain underlying foundational problems that were destroying the U.S. economy a little bit more every single day.

Long-Term Trend #1: The Deindustrialization of America
Starting in the ’50s and ’60s the United States was being deindustrialized at a pace that is almost impossible to believe.

Long -Term Trend #2: The Exploding U.S. Trade Deficit
Each month, tens of billions more dollars go out of the United States than come into it. In other words, every single month the United States gets poorer.

Long-Term Trend #3: The Shrinking Middle Class
As jobs continue to flee the United States and as wages continue to be depressed, America’s middle class is shrinking at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, a growing number of Americans have found it impossible to make it from month to month without direct financial assistance from the federal government. This is quite evident from the last government shutdown.

Long-Term Trend #4: The Growing Size of the U.S. Government.
No matter whether it is a Republican or a Democrat in the White House, the size of the U.S. government has continued to grow by leaps and bounds in recent years. This is a tremendous drain on the U.S. economy. The government produces very little value for the economy and yet costs a colossal amount to maintain.

Long-Term Trend #5: The Constantly Growing U.S. National Debt
The United States has accumulated the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world and every single month it gets worse. We are literally destroying our economic future with all of this debt.

Long-Term Trend #6: The Ongoing Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar
The Federal Reserve constantly destroys the value of the U.S. dollar. Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the U.S. dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power.

Long-Term Trend #7: The Derivatives Bubble
The one thing that the “Wall Street Reform Bill” should have done was something about the horrific abuses in the derivatives markets. Instead, this bill did next to nothing and instead imposed hundreds of other useless regulations on Wall Street.

Long-Term Trend #8: The Health Care Industry
The United States health care system is completely and totally broken. It has become a gigantic money making machine for health insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations, and greedy lawyers. Americans pay more for health care than anyone else in the world and yet they get shockingly little in return.

Long-Term Trend #9: Financial Power is Becoming Concentrated in Fewer and Fewer Hands
Once upon a time, the United States had a very diverse financial system. Today financial power is becoming concentrated in fewer and fewer hands with each passing year. Putting an increasing amount of financial power into the hands of just a few elite banks is a recipe for disaster any way you want to cut it.

Long-Term Trend #10: The growing Retirement Crisis That Threatens to Bankrupt America
Social Security is a total mess, our government in the past had decided to steal the funds from Social Security and Medicare which will not be returned. This amounted to over two trillion dollars. Government and corporate pension plans are underfunded by more than ten trillion dollars and at some point, both systems will become bankrupt.

An increasing number of Americans are starting to realize that something is wrong although they may not know the specifics, they do realize our system is broken. We are very much on the wrong track. We have squandered the great wealth that our parents and grandparents left us and we are wrecking the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen.

This did not happen overnight and it will not be corrected within our lifetime, it’s far more complex a problem than one might think. One thing for sure if we fail to place the proper constituents within our State and Federal governments and hold them accountable for their actions this will never end and our Republic will have failed without a shot being fired. The problems we face are not caused as a result of either “Republican or Democrat” party lines but because both parties have failed to construct proper laws during their time in Washington DC to keep this Republic afloat. They have been self-serving and have failed America and the American people.
For the sake of our country’s future, leaders must lay aside their pride and self-serving agendas in order to come together with wisdom and common sense at the table of reason in dialogue with respect and humility to hammer out effective solutions to the difficult realities we face.

I had wrote and sent this article to our local paper (Bitterroot Star) and stand behind it.

Don’t forget the war on wisdom and the move to explode debt. Lowering the voting age to 18 because teenagers possess so much wisdom, getting rid of literacy tests and new motor voter laws to promote voter fraud and make it easy for the stupid easily manipulated and lazy to vote as often as possible. And now some leftists want 16 year olds to vote.

The home mortgage was rare until the1930’s New Deal, then we got credit cards, programs to push for people to take on FHA and VA loans and finally the Student Loan Program to burden graduates with debt combined with careless government spending creating a nation of debtors. That changes attitudes about inflation, private property rights and everything else.

Off topic, but : What’s up with the news black out about the amnesty the President just signed as part of his budget agreement to keep the government open? Don’t know what to do with that story? Is it time to acknowledge the 72 million immigrants legalized in America since 1980, or aren’t we suppose to know, or think about that either? OBTW: the newest caravan is at the border as of 2/21/19 lining up for (1) a child and (2) amnesty based on proximity to said child. Say hey, thank you Mr.President, but that’s decidedly not securing the border.

In perspective, the question we need to be asking is whether or not the purpose of Trump’s presidency is to make America safe for billionaires to do business as usual. Or was it Trump’s purpose to put America First for Wall Street globalist’s planned redistribution of first world America to third world immigrants?

And don’t bother to blame Congress, Pelosi, Republicans, or Democrats. Trump is President and he is commander in chief of the Armed forces. If he ever intended to secure the border he would have sealed it and began negotiations from there. The American people are being played. Those of us who can barely read and write, which would include myself, can figure that much out.

The President has just signed a trick bill, which no one bothered to read. It is amnesty that is now on solid, legal ground & not any emergency declaration that we need to concern ourselves with. The much “Bally-oohed” wall has been rendered moot it seems. The Trump Administration has once again shot itself in the foot, managed to further imperil the nation, if not finally and actually destroy it. This time it is all due to a simple lack of due diligence, or so we are meant to believe. Was it just a rookie mistake, or more treachery, still another betrayal?

Of course, there still remains a way out, one last chance to save America, but it would involve truly committed leadership willing to take bold & decisive action, but unfortunately, this President doesn’t appear capable of functioning in such a manner. He doesn’t seem to understand the nature of the struggle. In any event, he clearly has no such intention. It appears he is incapable of acting in meaningful ways when it comes to defending our borders, or dealing with illegal immigration.

Despite whatever other laudable qualities, talents & intentions he may have, the country continues to slip from our grasp. We are losing and make no mistake. Steve Miller, an Administration hard liner devastated Chris Wallace’s arguments, phony assertions & falsely premised statements on Sunday TV, but neither Miller’s understandings brilliantly delivered, nor the President’s tweets and rallies are, or will ever be sufficient. Tactical maneuvers in & of themselves while necessary, are insufficient and inadequate. If the President truly intends to save America, he would act to with incisive tenacity & determination to do that, which must be done

America’s survival, as an independent, sovereign, culturally whole & historic entity is the issue. Should the President prove unable to protect the nation’s territorial integrity, his entire Presidency becomes just some personal, vanity, retirement project.

America’s struggle is existential, as in, to be, or not to be and make no mistake. The globalist plan consists of a giant redistribution of middle class assets. That would be our country & our assets, our jobs, wealth, standard of living, values & belief systems that these globalists intend to redistribute to third world immigrants. If someone such as myself can tell you what to do & how to stop it, then the real question becomes: why can’t the President?

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