Parade Of The Obvious — You’re Not The Radical

Rod Thomson

The media and cavalcade of leftist organizations in the country are continually trying to tell traditional Americans that they are actually extremists. Being patriotic, believing in capitalism, thinking that men are men and not women, that there is a God and that America is an exceptional nation are among the beliefs that will get one branded as an extremist hater and dangerous.

If you’re on social media, you already understand this and how the guardians of RightSpeak will stomp you for saying the wrong thing, i.e., a man cannot be a woman.

So herewith is a quick list of truisms that are obvious, but which can get you branded in the most appalling terms.

• Obviously capitalism is the best economic system ever implemented to benefit the most people and provide the greatest freedoms. Full on socialism has caused misery, tragedy and death everywhere it is implemented. History and data is witness to this.

• Obviously racism exists. It always will because of fallen human nature. This afflicts white, black and brown people — all people on earth, or in orbit — because all people are the same in nature. And it exists in every country, always has and unfortunately always will. This is not an excuse to be racist, simply an understanding of reality.

• Obviously racial and ethnic minorities in America have equal rights with the majority, and thrive here more than any diverse country on earth. This is shown in income and freedom index data, along with population migration patterns as minorities from every corner of the world seek to immigrate to America. People try anything, legal and illegal, to get into America. Obviously we can’t be that racist.

• Obviously a man is a man and a woman is a woman. There are only two sexes and you can’t change your’s. A man merely “feeling” like a woman does not make him a woman, and vice versa. Science in the form of DNA irrefutably proclaims this. Gender dysphoria is real, but afflicts only a tiny portion of the population and even there, often works itself out by adulthood. Until a year or two ago, it was understood to be a mental disorder. And it obviously is.

• Obviously unborn human babies are human babies. Geographic location — before exiting the birth canal versus after exiting the birth canal — is not what defines a human. As humans, they should be afforded the same protections as born humans. This also is science, and not just a little common sense.

• Obviously animals are not the same as humans and do not have the same rights as humans, because humans have greater — far greater — intrinsic value than animals. Nothing excuses animal cruelty, it’s rightly illegal. And we can have strong affections for animals. But there is no equivalence in the value of life between people and animals.

• Obviously the United States is an exceptional nation. History tells us there has never been another nation created solely upon a set of ideals, opened wide for immigrants from around the world, is not defined by ethnicity or race, has liberated many countries, helped put our enemies back on their feet after defeating them through billions of dollars in aid, and has created the greatest economic and innovative engine ever known. This is an obvious exception to the rule of nations.

• And maybe ending with what should be the lead, obviously God exists because something cannot come from nothing. Nothing cannot be the cause or beginning. It must come from that which by definition always has been. The Big Bang — the beginning of all time and space, everything that is and however it functionally came about — cannot erupt from nothing. Nor can it exist within nothing. It must spring from something which is eternal, has no beginning, or definitionally, it is not the beginning. This is obvious, and also happens to be a definition of the God of the Bible.

For everyone out there who generally agrees with these obvious observations, you are not radicals or haters or racists or sexists or whatever other brickbats are thrown at you. You are mainstream Americans. Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded that your views on these things make you the extremist.

It is those who argue against these obvious truisms that are extreme.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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One reply on “Parade Of The Obvious — You’re Not The Radical”

a further example of mentally deranged libtards spouting psych-babble is the use of the term “phobia” to paint the majority of people as somehow unhinged. for example, islamophobia or homophiba or transphobia.
phobia is defined as “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”. here is no fear of gays, or transgenders or muslims, rather there is a societal norm being displayed – that norm is “disgust” which is defined as “a feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive.”
“disgust” is a far better descriptor of the “feelings” of the vast majority of people and that is entirely rational once you consider the behaviors and norms of those seeking to vilify the majority with psycho babble.
those babblers want the world to live in their bubble world of fabricated, excited misery and those babblers are narcissistic egotists.

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