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The Parkland Anti-Gun Washington March Is Backfiring

Rod Thomson

It’s fortunate for conservatives in this country that progressives are incapable of self-restraint when it comes to political opportunism.

They cannot simply play the hand they have been dealt, they must massively overplay it as though two pair is a straight flush. This isn’t bluffing. They actually think they have a straight flush. We’ve seen this in response to small scandals or just possible scandals involving President Trump immediately jumping to impeachment and the most dangerous and out-of-control president ever. Preposterous, but that is what they see in their hands. Is anyone even talking about Russian collusion anymore?

And we’re seeing it with the post-Parkland shooting response. A Fox News general congressional ballot poll showed the Democratic lead has shrunk to only 5 points, after it was at 15 points in October. So this includes the effects of the tax package in December, but the poll was taken March 18-21, so the biggest issue in that period and for weeks before was the fallout of the Parkland shooting. And yet the gap has closed significantly.

Actually, it may not be an “And yet” statement, but more of a “Because” statement. The reality is that Republicans have been shown to be lackluster in their approach to the 2018 midterms. There just hasn’t been a ton of passion for several reasons, and that was going to benefit Democrats and, theoretically, gun control advocates.

But that may be changing, and it may be thanks to the Parkland kids and the adult users and abusers who have manipulated them into frontline activists who lack any understanding of the broad societal or historical implications of their actions .

A sure-fire way to light a fire under the conservative base is to go after guns in a broad, sweeping way and then tell anyone who disagrees with them on principle, history and constitutional grounds that they have blood on their hands.

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The Parkland kids had a chance to actually affect change that could have prevented the Parkland shootings. They could have protested and pressured the Broward County School District and Broward County Sheriff Department over policies and failures that allowed the killer to be free to murder 17 people after 39 police visits to his home, his parents’ reports that he was a threat to the school and his own report to authorities that he was a threat. Government failed the kids at Parkland all the way up to the FBI.

But the kids were hijacked by leftist activists and pivoted to guns, rather than the government. In fact, in the pivot they are arguing for much more power to be vested in the very government institution that failed them at Parkland. But they don’t really know that. They’re just kids.

However, the adults that have used them, specifically the leaders of the Women’s March and gun-control groups, do know that. And want that.

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And that may be the undoing. Because people who are not hugely political are starting to pay attention. They feel they are being attacked and lectured to by “disrespectful” kids. (An interesting throwback phrase I’m hearing more of lately.) And pro-Second Amendment supporters are told if they disagree with a bunch of teens, then they have blood on their hands. That got their attention, all right.

Couple that with some of the language at the march over the weekend, including plenty of “revolution” and “taking control” and so on. When people hear that language regarding Second Amendment rights and they actually understand the purpose of the Second Amendment, the kids and activists have their attention. Just not in the way they desired.

This is intuitive to many of us. The generic ballot tracking polls just reinforce it. It would not be surprising to see those close further after the weekend. Plenty can happen between now and November. And will. But if the left keeps up this drumbeat attack on broad control, it may be a gift to Republicans.

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Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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3 replies on “The Parkland Anti-Gun Washington March Is Backfiring”

Great, great article and I sincerely hope you are profoundly correct in the dummy-crats’ hysterical tendency towards uber-hyperbole/screeching Cassandras (global cooling/warming/lukewarming/The Weather, anyone?). I’ve hoped for years – especially since the successful victory of DJT – that the Average Conservative Voter – realizes how viciously-partisan the MSM is/always has been and chooses to do their OWN research and dig beneath the surface for the REAL factual story. We’ve been turning en masse away from unhinged, orgiastic HollyWeird and their accelerated depravity; all the late-night/MSM propagandists are hemorrhaging in viewership, etc – I even gave up a 30+ year local paper loyal subscription because a) they refused to budge on the exponential price bump (print media deserves to tank) and b) they uncritically regurgitated verbatim EVERYTHING from the over-the-top (even more so than CNN, seriously) AP ‘objective wire service’. Absolutely unreadable. I hope conservative COMPLACENCY isn’t beaten by rabidly fired-up dummy-crats’ base this midterm; if so, we have only ourselves to blame.

In essence, the Parkland shooting was possible because the Broward Co Sheriff and the Broward Co. Superintendent of Schools entered into a conspiracy to defraud the US Government. A good part of the spin and hoopla is being enacted to distract from this basic fact.

You NAILED it. I certainly feel for these kids…but a shooting doesn’t suddenly endow them with the wisdom to tell the rest of us whether we need guns or not. Especially that Hogg kid. Thank GOD they chose him to be the face of this thing (more or less). He’s an arrogant, cocky, potty-mouthed little jerk. He’s sure not winning hearts and minds to his dubious cause! Keep it up, Hogg!

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