Mayor Pete Tweets Christmas Day Lies About Jesus’ Birth

Rod Thomson

Mayor Pete Buttegeig shows the “acceptable” way to politicize Christmas, on Christmas Day, and be factually/biblically wrong on every single point.

On Christmas morning, Buttegeig, a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, tweeted this:

“Today I join millions around the world in celebrating the arrival of divinity on earth, who came into this world not in riches but in poverty, not as a citizen but as a refugee.

No matter where or how we celebrate, merry Christmas.”

(Excuse me a moment while I search for a cement wall to bang my head against.)

You see, what Mayor Pete is saying is that if you don’t support the government taking your money and giving it to other people who the government deems in need; and if you don’t approve of letting in everyone who says the magic word “refugee,” then it’s just like you’re doing it to JESUS!

Except he’s wrong on every count, like his fellow travelers every Christmas, or every time these debates erupt again. And I mean every count.

Jesus did not come into this world in “poverty.” Neither was he homeless, an annual Christmas false trope of many on the left. Joseph, his father, was a carpenter, a tradesman. That would have made him the very rough equivalent of middle class in the context of his time, which was before our concept of a middle class that developed after the industrial revolution. He had a home and quite likely a wood shop from which he built and sold his craft, as there was a thriving need for carpentry. He was in essence a small businessman. 

(And if we take a purely biblical view, Jesus “home” was in Glory as part of the eternal God-head existing before the creation of the world, which he voluntarily left in order to save mankind. So in no way at all was he born a refugee.)

Neither was Jesus born homeless, which Buttegeig did not claim but his fellow travelers normally do either this time of year or when the homeless debate comes up and they stumble across a Christian. 

Jesus was born in a barn because the government (Rome) demanded a census for the purpose of making sure everyone was taxed. The Romans conducted the census by requiring everyone to return to the town of their House. Joseph was of the House of David, so that meant he had to return to Bethlehem. But they arrived late, and everything was full, hence the barn. With Mary’s pregnancy reaching the point of birth (of course we know what Mayor Pete defends as Mary’s “right” even up to this point  in her pregnancy) Jesus ended up born in the stable. 

Nor was Jesus born a “refugee.” He had a home and his father had a business. The above story explains why they were in a barn the night he was born. Joseph was following government dictates for tax purposes. Now, Jesus was arguably a refugee in Egypt for some undetermined amount of time when young, but that was fleeing an evil king who was killing every baby in his age cohort because of what the wise men said and the prophecies foretold. Then Jesus returned home.

So, to recap:

  • Not born in poverty.
  • Not born homeless.
  • Not born a refugee.

It’s not just that Mayor Pete did this, and that so many people on the left do this every year. It’s that we now live in a society where a leading presidential candidate, and the most preachy Christian politician, feels the need and the potential for political gain to lie about the story of Jesus’ birth to pander to his base — on Christmas morning.

And here I thought Christmas was about celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world.

But hey, Buttegeig’s lies got 32,000 likes. So he was right in one respect: Some portion of the Democratic base is totally onboard with this set of lies. They will be repeated next year. And we’ll be here to correct them with the truth.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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5 replies on “Mayor Pete Tweets Christmas Day Lies About Jesus’ Birth”

“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.” — James Madison
(1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

“I feel obliged to withhold my approval of the plan to indulge in benevolent and charitable sentiment through the appropriation of public funds… I find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution.” — Grover Cleveland
(1837-1908) 22nd & 24th US President -Source: In 1887 when vetoing an appropriation to help drought-stricken counties in Texas

Also, “arrival of Divinity on earth” didn’t occur at His birth, but nine months earlier when Divinity was joined with humanity as a one celled Divine Person in the womb of His consenting Mother Mary.

I am truly sorry to my Christian friends having to live through this crap. As a Jew and now Christians, we are seeing the marginalization of our history, culture and values by a vile leftist movement in this country and outside of our country of the likes we have never seen before. The attack on religion from the left for personal gain or to change the history for political power has come about as a result of our country being overly tolerant of leftist views without any push back. We must stand together to fight back and keep the truth not only known, but to train our nation to once again to revere truth! We cannot keep a Republic if we do not have virtue, and virtue is exactly what is being shredded in our time.

I believe that Joseph and Jesus’ occupation were stone masons (the word “homemaker” was mistranslated as “carpenter”}. Most middle eastern homes and other structures are made of stone, not wood.

As a “mason” (i.e., stone worker) all the rest of the biblical metaphor is preserved (think: I am the cornerstone … I am “the Big Rock”, and Peter you are the “little Rock”. … We as Christians are all stone components of the spiritual temple, of which Jesus is the cornerstone …. etc.

In life, Jesus was a stone mason –builder of physical homes– upon death he became the stone mason-in-chief (and the cornerstone) of the most important “temple” of all time.

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