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Racist Poison Is Being Injected Into Journalism Students

Rod Thomson

While we were working as a nation to cleanse the American body of the poison of racism against blacks — a long, painful endeavor that was finally finding considerable success in the latter half of the 20th century — a different poison was being introduced into the body: racism against whites. Full out, white people are inherently, genetically evil racism.

That statement may have sounded extreme a few years ago. No more. It is mainstreaming now right under our noses and, like so many damaging ideas of recent years, it is flowering among the leftists that oppress our nation’s college campuses.

And few schools on our college campuses are as open to radicalism as the schools of mass communication, which still churn out journalists by the tens of thousands under faculty imprinted groupthink.

So it was no surprise that the University of California’s USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism recently displayed a large banner entitled “Dismantle Whiteness and Misogyny.” Make no mistake. This is supported by the faculty radicals — radicals by normal American standards, but not by university standards.

Communications Professor Alison Trope told The College Fix that the mural’s wildly racist content is designed to spark a dialogue — a favorite euphemism of the left for attacking those who disagree — as though there has been no dialogue on the topic in this country.

Further, Trope, who teaches the next generation of journalists, said: “To that end, the signage is meant to offer grounding of terms and ideas.”

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Grounding. So for Trope and the rest, the grounding for this idea is not the high ideals that all people are created in the image of God, and all people have inalienable rights granted by God which cannot be destroyed by man. No, the “grounding” is that whiteness is a blot on America and whites by dint of being white institutionalized organizing principles of racial oppression.

Further, it is supported by journo students, too.

Here’s an example. Students told the Daily Trojan that the mural should have been in a much more visible part of campus. “It wasn’t disruptive enough in my environment,” senior communication major Claire Porter told the paper. She’ll be fairly and objectively reporting your news next year.

The artists, When Women Disrupt, who did the mural do these all over the country. This is from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism Facebook page:

When Women Disrupt (WWD) is an art collective, who in collaboration with students from the USC Annenberg class “Women: Designing Media for Social Change,” presented their pieces, led workshops and became part of a larger conversation about race, intersectionality and misogyny. Other keywords and topics discussed the subjectivity of “whiteness,” a term discussed among WWD –– which refers to an organizing principle that shapes institutions, policies and social relations.

One of the lasting highlights was a body of art work they created in dialogue with students which is featured on the walls of the entrance of the east lobby of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The intent was to spark conversation and dialogue – and encourage reflection and critical thinking.

The work was sponsored by the Institute for Diversity and Empowerment (IDEA) and USC Visions and Voices.

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They pretty clearly state that whiteness is an organizing principle shaping life — for white people. If they mean the tribalism that is easy to fall into for many groups of people, including but not limited to race, then sure. But they don’t. They mean white people, specifically. This is openly racist. Here is more from a flyer the group hands out:

“WWD’s intention is to provoke greater discussion and thinking about the institutionalized and everyday systems of power and representation that reinforce racism, patriarchy, and inequality.”

Remember, on the Facebook page they posit that whiteness “refers to an organizing principle that shapes institutions” and then on their flyer they talk about “institutionalized” racism. This is not hard. Whiteness, inherent obviously among white people, institutionalizes racism. The fact that such institutions are not named — except sometimes “the police,” but then never with specificity beyond an individual incident, which by definition is not institutional — and no evidence is offered, does not stop the continued repetition of this falsity as truth.

The clear meaning is that white people are genetically racist. This actually aligns with what Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been saying for decades — that white people are “devils.” He is one of the worst people in terms of spewing hatred while continually being given a platform among the left, including the Congressional Black Caucus, not to mention, Facebook and Youtube.

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The artists that are part of When Women Disrupt portray their clearly racist work around the country and are comfortable on college campuses. Are they just extremists? Less all the time. They have been featured in such major media publications as New York Times, Huffington Post, CNN, NPR, New York Magazine, MSNBC, Time magazine, Fast Company and more. That’s a lot of mostly glowing coverage.

It’s not really surprising that these people and their overt racism would be welcome not just on college campuses, but in schools of journalism. Because journalists are increasingly leftist activists. They are being trained to be just that as they exit with their degrees and head to newspapers, networks and online media sites nationwide. They imbibe, absorb and promulgate this racist poison. It’s hard to see how that changes since they are birthed into the system this way. They equate all of this leftist racism with good journalism.

This is unbelievably dangerous territory, and definitively explains the attraction for too many to the return to tribalism that animates the alt right. There was no alt right to speak of 10 to 15 years ago. They are a reactionary grouping. And if they fade, others more dangerous will rise in this environment.

Because racism inevitably begets more racism. It is a vicious, bloody, hateful cycle that we were breaking in this country, and that the left is re-inserting.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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