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Why The Santa Fe Shooting Disappeared From Headlines So Quickly

Rod Thomson

Something strange happened within a few days of the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School that killed 10 people and injured 14 others.

The story virtually disappeared from the news cycle. This is quite a remarkable change from the weeks of non-stop media coverage after the Parkland, Florida shooting that resulted in huge protests around the country and bad legislation in Florida.

First, there are a lot of similarities in the two atrocities. The killer in both instances was a mentally disturbed, bullied teenage boy who had shown warning signs. However, it is well-documented that in Parkland, law enforcement and school officials (government) missed or purposely overlooked dozens of red flags regarding the killer that could have prevented the killings.

Seventeen people were killed in Parkland. Ten were killed in Santa Fe. Both are located in conservative states with strong Second Amendment protections, although Texas is more conservative. Both have happened during a time of rampant but factually ill-founded fears of school shootings, and a media that has an anti-gun agenda it pushes shamelessly — including the use of grieving teenage survivors.

So what are the differences? Three stand out.

One, the gun that the Parkland killer used was an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. It is what the media insists on calling an “assault weapon,” without ever really explaining or describing what is meant by the term. It’s scary looking and appears similar to military assault weapons. But it is the same as any semi-automatic rifle or pistol. One shot per trigger pull.

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In Santa Fe, the killer used a .38-caliber revolver and a shotgun — not the infamous “assault rifles.” There is very little support among Americans for banning revolvers or shotguns. So that was one big difference.

The second is that the Parkland killer was never stopped. Officers stayed outside and did nothing while he continued to massacre people. He just finally quit murdering and walked away from his school slaughter, later being arrested at a fast food restaurant.

In Santa Fe, men with guns stopped the killer. The teen was cornered in a room by armed school security until more police arrived and he surrendered.

A final difference is in the community and the students. Parkland is in the heavily urbanized, liberal, anti-gun corridor of Southeast Florida, from Miami through Fort Lauderdale to West Palm. The students there reflect that urbanized sense of guns as frightening, and really do not seem to grasp the purpose of the Second Amendment. They came out very strong for gun laws and the media ate it up and national, liberal organizations quickly organized them.

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Santa Fe is a semi-rural area of Southern Texas between Houston and Galveston. The people there see guns as part of the culture and have a more ingrained understanding of why there is a Second Amendment. For instance, almost no Santa Fe students participated in the national school walkout in March.

Here is Alex Carvey, 16, a student at Santa Fe High School:

“I don’t think guns are the problem — I think people are the problem,” she said. “Even if we did more gun laws, people who are sick enough to do something like this are still going to figure out a way to do it. So it doesn’t matter.”

So the differences in coverage seem to be based at least somewhat on how it plays into the media narrative of blaming the NRA and gun owners and pushing for more gun control laws. Parkland — despite the myriad failures of government along the way, plays nicely into that narrative.

Santa Fe doesn’t really fit narrative.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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12 replies on “Why The Santa Fe Shooting Disappeared From Headlines So Quickly”

You guys TOTALLY MISSED THE BOAT these are ORCHESTRATED FALSE FLAG FRAUDS by DHS, FBI, CIA, it is international in scope and it is Deep State conducting these FRAUDS at the highest level

Rod, while I don’t necessarily agree with Sunaj’s premise, it can’t be summarily discounted out of hand. False Flag operations are artifices of strategic/tactical misdirection which facilitate and empower a larger, camouflaged agenda. They are indeed real events with real casualties, but are undertaken in such a manner to falsely cast culpability and inflame a target audience so as to enable the true, but hidden, effort to continue unnoticed and unabated.
In no way does False Flag mean an event did not occur…it means it did not occur for the publicly obvious reasons, or by the publicly accused perpetrators. Such operations are signature tactics of both insurgents/terrorists and totalitarian governments.

Followup T.W.D: Is the suggestion that the killings were actually perpetrated by, or through or at the encouragement of, those who sought to misdirect and create the false flag for their purposes? Or that it was an even that happened naturally on its own with one disturbed kid and then was twisted by those who sought to misdirect. The latter is not anything more than the media, partisans and spinners do. Trying to get ahold of the thinking here.

Rod…understand and appreciate the attempt to follow the rationale.
(1) My response was merely clarifying your seeming thought that a False Flag event is one that did not occur. My apologies if you were trying to draw clarification out from Sunaj. Perhaps a direct question would be more efficient.
(2) Given the virulent nature of the Prog-leftists, False Flags consideration can never be ruled out at the Git, but rather after an examination of facts on hand and in the field.
(3) Given the significant effort & coordination necessary to execute a False Flag event, I tend to think that this and most others are not. I am uncomfortable with what has been (or not) revealed on Las Vegas.
(4) My personal opinion of causality for rise of school shootings, is that there is a Hydra monster at the root:
a. evaporation of respect for authority:(God, parents, human life, our Republic, teachers, police, gvt leaders)
b. aggressive social deconstruction (Judeo-Christian faith, families, education, public institutions); medical/mental health profession’s ‘let’s medicate it’ first go-to mentality
c. Governmental over-reach/regulation/taxation/litigation, all combining, perennially exacerbating cost of living while depressing wages…resulting in necessity of both parents working outside the home.
This assault against the United States, and her citizens, has been ongoing since the middle of the 1800s, went into over-drive just prior to and after WWll. In present day, has become militantly irrational and aggressively deconstructionist. Much of this ideology has become so entrenched, supplanting centuries of common sense and basic understanding, that I see no ready or easy way to address. As a people and nation, we must understand that we are in a war. In war, you gird up, fight to win, prevail & take the field…or you let the enemy define & shape the battle, leaving you to retreat in surrender. The battlefield is comprised of: Organized religion; Education-all of it; every branch & level of government; media, top to bottom and off to both port & starboard.

They happened because whenever the support for more gun control fades, the Left will find a useful idiot to shoot up another school or church or another gun free zone.
According to Mother Jones (yes, I know, Leftist website) list of mass shootings (from FBI and data and news reports) since 1982, I counted 67 school shooting in 36 years.
Search: US Mass Shootings, 1982-2018: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation – Mother Jones


Both Parkland and Santa Fe H.S. events were staged drills with zero deaths. No obituaries = No deaths.

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