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Schumer Is Lying About Democrats’ Border Security

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

On Nov. 27, Sen. Chuck Schumer stood in the Capitol before a crowd of reporters and reassured them that Democrats favor border security. Sadly, the overwhelming evidence points to the contrary. And he knows it. But the obvious evidence is never brought out in media coverage.

Democrats have long been engaged in a battle to dismantle America’s border defenses. On Nov. 8, 1971, Berkeley, California became the first city in the United States to offer itself up as a sanctuary city. Many municipalities followed in the 1980s such that today, a host of local jurisdictions are refusing to cooperate with ICE.  (To access ICE’s list of sanctuary jurisdictions click here.)

To a tee, these municipalities are Democrat controlled, and in 2017, California, a Democratic stronghold, became the first and still only sanctuary state.

As we know, imparting sanctuary status upon a jurisdiction serves to protect the illegal inhabitant from detainment by ICE, as the jurisdiction will not cooperate with such detainers. Such a permissive policy serves as a magnet for illegal immigrants who stand a significantly lower chance of being turned over to federal authorities should they break the law.

Democrats have also proclaimed their support for open borders — the antithesis of a secure border. Ignorantly, Democrats have repeatedly argued that the unencumbered flow of people across the border, including that of the United States, is a human right and should be allowed as a matter of justice. They voice disdain at the Trump Administration’s reticence in cooperating with the United Nation’s global migration pact. Specifically, in 2017, when President Trump said he would not be sending American representatives to the United Nations’ conference on migration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Democrats attacked him over the decision.

It’s pretty self-evident, but a no-borders policy by the United States stands in direct opposition to efforts at securing America’s borders.

In 2018, when the caravan was headed north to America’s southern border, Democrat elements denied the caravan’s existence maintaining that it was a fabricated problem used by President Trump only for political expediency. Today, these are the same Democrats decrying the horrible conditions of these migrants in the hopes that they are given free passage into the United States.

Stand with us

With few exceptions, the party leading the charge to maximize the standing for asylum seekers to gain legal entry into the United States is the Democratic Party. The party that dismisses the injustice of having those same asylum seekers enter the United States, remain here for over three years before their case is evaluated by an immigration judge, and then not show up for the hearing, is the Democrat Party.

The Democrats support catch and release and want to abolish ICE — literally our enforcement arm for border security. They oppose allocating $5.7 billion of the national, multi-trillion dollar budget to the construction of a wall at our southern borders despite the fact that the President has compromised on his initial ask of more than $20 billion and despite the fact that the difference between the two parties is $3.3 billion. And when Schumer repeatedly goes to the airwaves and says that the President will never get his wall despite risking a government shutdown, it is clear that Schumer could not care less about border security.

Adding to the evidence of their contempt for border security is the Democrats’ ire towards any attempt at keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States and their repeated misrepresentations of both the demographics of the problem and America’s justifiable response to it.

And let’s not forget, it is the Democrat Party that remains silent when an illegal immigrant guns down an American citizen while ignoring the grave and unpalatable injustice of having had that illegal immigrant previously released by a sanctuary jurisdiction.

No. Despite Schumer’s reassurances, the Democrats are not in the least bit interested in border security. They have never made it a driving issue for their party nor have they supported it actively in their daily undertakings. Schumer’s claim to the contrary represents a mere, disingenuous capitulation to the fact that the majority of Americans find controlling our borders fundamentally important to our security, our economy, and our safety.

Sadly, and despite the fact that every major American political party should be lock-step on this issue, if an American citizen values border security (and the rule of law for that matter) he or she cannot stand with the Democrats despite the Schumer’s fake assurances.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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5 replies on “Schumer Is Lying About Democrats’ Border Security”

Schumer Is Lying About Democrats’ Border Security.

To conserve ink and space this headline could be shortened to, “Schumer Lies”.

Schumer was shown in a 2006 clip on a local New York City tv station speaking about how badly border security was needed! When confronted by a reported about it, he said, “I never said wall!”. That guy is probably the most disgusting person in American politics!

Thats the Democrat motto, Lie, Cheat, Steal,Deceive, until you win or get approved.We need to teach them Lying is not to be tolerated, after all thats what we teach our children.

Regardless of who’s in office, this nation is being dismantled by globalists and elitists in favor of the NWO/OWO. Our Constitution means nothing if it did “sanctuary cities” could not and would not be tolerated and every politician in favor of the aforementioned would be indicted and in prison. Our DOJ and FBI have been “compromised” by the left, if not, both Clintons, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, and others would now be in prison. We are no longer a “Sovereign” nation with our open border policy and well over 25 million illegals now enjoying welfare, education, healthcare, etc. Our “Freedoms” are being stripped with gun and free speech reforms. This nonsense will continue until the Patriots of this nation realize what’s taking place and stand up for their rights.

I know and read and understand all of this. However, nowhere do I see any solution being offered. There are many promises made to reveal the “secret” of what must be done, but the main objective is to sell a book or a subscription. This issue is vital to the continuing existence of America as a free country adhering to the constitution. How is it that so many Americans are so unaware of the consequences of supporting and voting for RINO’s and Democrats? The enemy of America have taken over our educational system, our media, the Democrat party, Hollywood, our Judicial system, and most every other sector of America that it is very possible that we will see the end of America in our lifetimes.

How do we educate the people of America to the peril they have brought upon themselves?

How can anyone vote for a Democrat or a RINO????????

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