Social Media Drops The Hammer On Conservatives Crowder, Rose, Beck

Rod Thomson

Steven Crowder’s gigantic Youtube site was demonetized Wednesday after a gay writer at Vox complained repeatedly about being made fun of in a hurtful way. Within hours, online seller Shopify said they would stop selling Crowder’s hugely popular merchandise, such as the Mug Club.

Later in the day, Glenn Beck’s Facebook page was notified that it was put in “time out” and won’t be able to post until Saturday for posting clickbait. This followed Tuesday’s demonetizing by Twitter of pro-life fireball Lila Rose and her Live Action accounts.

Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. All within 48 hours. This gives, at the very least, the appearance of a coordinated attack on conservatives. Perhaps even collusion within an industry.

Every right-of-center, or just not politically correct, creator on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter understands the censorious nature of the leftists that run and populate the social media universe. But this expands considerably when it includes companies such as Shopify and efforts to shut down personal actual web sites by major web platforms such as WordPress.

Crowder is not only conservative, he’s decidedly politically incorrect and is always pushing boundaries. But he also has a team in daily contact with Youtube to make sure they are following the so-called “community guidelines.” He actually tries to follow the rules.

Vox’s Carlos Maza sent out a tweet storm where, in the end, he called for demonetizing Crowder, because Maza is a leftist and that’s what they do:

“Anyway, if you want to help, I guess you can go to this dude’s videos and flag them? But @YouTube isn’t going to do anything, because YouTube does not give a f*** about queer creators. It cares about ‘engagement,’ and homophobic/racist harassment is VERY ‘engaging.’”

At first, Youtube said there was no violation of their rules. But later, they changed in mid-stream and demonetized all of Crowder’s videos. That is a huge hit to a guy with nearly 4 million subscribers and a full production company to pay for.

Then later yesterday, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze got a notification that it would not able to post items on its Facebook page until Saturday. Officially, the reason was for sharing clickbait. But one Facebook flagged was a “completely legitimate story,” according to a spokesman who said it was about a mom who recorded abuses of her handicapped child at school and was seeking changes.

The other story Facebook tagged as clickbait was a video by Will Witt, with PragerU, who does humorous on-the-street interviews on hot topics.

“This is the second time in a month we’ve had to fight Facebook over something ridiculous,” the spokesman said. Their fight has temporarily paid off as they seem to be able to post again — although with no explanation from Facebook.

On Tuesday, Lila Rose tweeted:

“Twitter banned @LiveAction & my account from all ads. When we asked why, @Twitter said we could resume ads, only if we deleted the following content from our Twitter AND website:

-Anything about abortion procedures

-Investigations of Planned Parenthood

-All ultrasound images”

That’s a pretty impossible standard for a pro-life organization. And it includes their web site. This is nothing more than simply attempting to completely shut down Lila Rose and Live Action.

Ben Shapiro went off on the Crowder action yesterday, but it applies to all of them:

“If you’re in the public eye, you’re going to be mocked and insulted in ways you find deplorable. If your solution is to target the platform for destruction — or to target advertisers who advertise on a wide variety of political programming — you’re the actual problem.

It’s far more dangerous to the country and the discourse to work to shut down the entire public square on behalf of your feelings than it is that people sometimes call you mean names. Grow the f*** up.”

But they won’t. Anti-free speech is a congenital condition of the left. Other solutions will be in order.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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6 replies on “Social Media Drops The Hammer On Conservatives Crowder, Rose, Beck”

Shopify doesn’t sell anything. They host online stores for those of us who engage in ecommerce.

This may be the best thing to happen for ordinary conservative citizens that have been constantly targeted by FB, Twitter and YouTube!! We don’t have a National Voice to protest the violation of our First Amendment Rights. These celebrities have millions of followers and can reach appropriate agencies and authorities that can move to break up these monopolies!! It is time for citizens to take back their rights!! If we wish to speak out against a certain class or group of people for their ideology or behavior, that should be our right. What happened to debating?? What happened to civil discussions?? Social media is destroying conversation in America!!

It’s amazing to me that these big companies aren’t concerned about destroying their own businesses. Do they really believe they’re “too big to fail? ” Do they really think consumers love their products so much that we’ll continually forgive and forget and keep patronizing them, even when all our favorite creators have been banned? Quite the gamble, I’d say.

But perhaps they’re not that cocky. Perhaps their chains are being yanked from somewhere high above. Like, for instance, somewhere in a dark corner of Washington, D.C. Or perhaps they’re unconcerned with losing their American market, because they’ve all set their sights on the much larger Chinese market, where proving yourself an iron-fisted censor would be a significant market advantage.

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