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Trump’s Decline In Suburban Women Is Not Why The Media Says

Rod Thomson

I’ve been following the polls, media analysis and social media activities since the 2018 midterms regarding suburban women voters. As per our usual arrangement, the media is suggesting the sky is falling for President Trump and Republicans because suburban women are turned off by Trump’s abrasive antics in office.

But the evidence doesn’t really show that. 

First, let’s stipulate that it’s almost assured that the polls are continuing to underestimate Trump ballot box support for the simple reason that the angry radicalization of the left and the relentlessly negative coverage by the partisan media has made it taboo in many parts of the country to even voice support for the President. People lose friends and family members’ relationships by saying something positive about Trump outloud. We hear and see it regularly. It’s worth noting also that it does not generally happen the other way; Trump supporters don’t typically cut off from their lives anyone who does not support him.

Given this level of publicly acceptable animosity, there will be a few to several percentage points of Americans unwilling to say they support the President or would vote for him even to a stranger on the phone.

But let’s consider the very real possibility that all the negativity and Trump’s own bull-in-a-china-closet tomfoolery could turn off some suburban women.

The actual facts suggest that the reason is not the china breaking, but much more likely that suburban women — who are known to get a heavy dose of their news information through Facebook — are no longer seeing that information. In fact, Facebook and the rest of the Democrat social media complex began erasing the presence of conservative sites immediately following the 2016 election of President Trump and expansion of the Republican majority in the Senate.

I recently wrote about how the left is, piece by piece, creating an Orwellian Memory Hole down which it can toss almost every piece of conservative news, information and commentary by blocking almost every avenue by which that information is disseminated:

“It is the unholy union of the leftwing mainstream media, the leftwing social media giants, leftwing Google and leftwing website and platform hosts. These are virtually all of the avenues for information outside of old-school radio and TV. Talk radio is already dominated by conservatives, but it also does not reach many people in the middle. Ditto for Fox News.”

This Memory Hole dynamic is already under way and was demonstrated in the 2018 midterms when suburban women voted more heavily Democratic than previously. The media pinned the 40-seat pickup by Democrats along with control of the House on this voting bloc — although it was much more complicated than that, including such rubbish as ballot harvesting in California.

Facebook was initially the most aggressive. Gateway Pundit reported a year ago that Facebook eliminated more than 1.5 billion links to conservative articles in the previous year. That wiped out enormous amounts of access to information right where these suburban women get their information. 

Remember, four out of five women age 18-49 have Facebook accounts, and a larger than average percentage of them get their news through the social media giant. Facebook executives are fully aware of this data. Eliminating conservative voices meant that suddenly this voting bloc was getting an avalanche from one side and precious little from the other. That’s bound to move the needle and assuredly did in 2018.

Google is not social media, but its impact on the flow of information to Americans is possibly as great. Recall that a leaked video of top Google executives were emotional, angry and crying after the Trump election. They’ve also been caught saying they would never allow another election of Trump to happen. Project Veritas interviewed a Google engineer who demonstrated how the algorithm is manipulated against Trump and conservative news sites.

All of this combined led the AP to joyfully report this summer that Trump is bleeding support from suburban women.

“Many professional, suburban women — a critical voting bloc in the 2020 election — recoil at the abrasive, divisive rhetoric, exposing the president to a potential wave of opposition in key battlegrounds across the country.

In more than three dozen interviews by The Associated Press with women in critical suburbs, nearly all expressed dismay — or worse — at Trump’s racially polarizing insults and what was often described as unpresidential treatment of people. Even some who gave Trump credit for the economy or backed his crackdown on immigration acknowledged they were troubled or uncomfortable lining up behind the president.”

It’s no mystery why Trump is losing support in the suburbs. The media want you to think its about Trump’s divisive rhetoric and abrasive style. Perhaps. But more likely it’s about the social media giants, led by Facebook, blacking out conservative voices and leaving the information field one-sided to the leftists mainstream media — a story that media will not be telling you.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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11 replies on “Trump’s Decline In Suburban Women Is Not Why The Media Says”

Women have historically voted majority Democrat. In return, they get government benefits men would never qualify for. Now, the dems have put gays ahead of women. Do women care enough to vote differently or will they get dropped from third to fourth behind endangered birds and turtles? In NY, if you destroy a bald eagle nest, you go to prison, but if you destroy a human fetus, it’s not a crime or even considered in an assault. So keep voting for democrats and see what happens.

“Women have historically voted majority Democrat. In return, they get government benefits men would never qualify for. “

And that’s why women should not have been allowed to vote.

Yep. The 19th Amendment was a mistake. Even five years ago I’d have never thought I’d say that, but the feminizing of American life — things are more about FEELINGS than reality — is doing immense harm.

None of the good things we have around us is guaranteed. It’s there because people sought it, worked hard to make it happen, and bled and died to defend it. Imagining that we can keep what we have while making everyone FEEL GOOD is a fool’s business.

Reality’s vote is the only one that matters. She does not give a s..t how we feel.

Amen, brother! I always ask people, “Who do you think is more intelligent – the Founding Fathers, or modern politicians?” The answer is always the Founding Fathers. Then I point out that they did not provide for women to vote, and it was a huge mistake, leading to many, many social ills (and worse).

I am a woman, and I have to say that I agree with you. Most women do not think, they FEEEEEELLLL! They are much more about appearance than substance, and superficial.

I am an old man, not so far now from eighty years of living. I have been a partner in a loving and durable marriage since 1967. I had a mother who after my father’s untimely death worked extremely hard to support me and my two little sisters.

I like women, especially proud, strong, and practical women, women who know who they are and what is important in life and are not afraid to go for what they hold important. Such women make good mothers, good sisters, good wives, and good friends. Such women have pride in their femininity, in their womanhood, their important role in life and human society and in the freedom they are afforded in Western society.

When I look around me today as I move about and mingle in public places, I see few women who appear to possess any of these attributes. Instead, I see vanity, rudeness, vulgarity, low self-esteem, false pride, laziness, a sense of entitlement, and role confusion.

Unfortunately, I see much the same in many of today’s males, particularly the feminized ones.

Here is something sent to me today, from an American expat who has lived overseas for around 27 years. He owns a very successful bar/club which caters to both locals and the many American and other foreign graduated students, (some) professors, and teachers populating his vibrant Silicone Valey-like city.

I must be the first generation to say, “Kids these days just don’t know how to party.”

Someone else asked me how a generation raised on South Park and Family Guy (both no-limit, politically-incorrect, highly-offensive shows) can be offended at everything.


At 51, I deal with a lot of 20-something girls… and they mostly dislike the soy-boy esthetic.

…and it doesn’t help that the soy-boys were raised on easy internet porn and have no interest in the thoughtful work, irritating games, and frequent soul-crushing rejection involved in chasing live girls.

It is better to have a 5 minute imaginary relationship with your ideal woman on a high-resolution monitor, get that out of the way, and then smoke pot and play video games with no hormonal interference.

This situation will be absolute when sexbots become cheap and… well… equal… or better… than actual women…

…who have demands and obligations and mostly aren’t worth one’s time.

(Didn’t see anyone in Albuquerque [recent visit] that was worth looking twice at… in appearance or attitude)

For the first time in hundreds of thousands (or millions) of years in evolutionary history, the balance of reproductive power has shifted to men…

…and I don’t think society has quite grasped that…. or grasped how much this is going to change humanity.


I think that his observation pretty much defines the current direction of our society. The current political climate is not the cause, but only one of the symptoms.

I am a woman and I am a staunch Trump supporter. Will vote for him in 2020!! Don’t know where you are getting your proof. CA has a lot of women that are Trump supporters. Especially after this crap that our Congress is pulling. I help here with President Trumps campaign. You wouldn’t believe the women that are going to vote for President Trump this time. President Trump has made more money from Ca than the Democrat party has made in the last 7 months. People here are getting fed up with how Newsom is ruining our state. The lose cannons that are running on the Democrat side. All of them are clowns. Every single one. I will not take a chance and I will vote for President Trump in 2020.

All the women I seen online will flip their lids if you ever said that and would block you. Mostly fanfiction authors seem that way.

Suburban women can enjoy the great enrichment that is ongoing. Future lifetime democrat voter comrades from the third world are going to make the glorious people’s collective utopia free of the whitey crackers.
Those last few open fields and meadows are going to have to have housing for the replacements in suburbia.
Dumb drooling consumerist serfs won’t have any say or vote in the Great Leap Forward.

Your comments on social media are well taken, but consider that all polls these days are probably invalidated by selection bias: Who responds to polls, anyway? And, of those that do, how many are truthful? Remember the Bradley Effect?

Just generalize it to fear of appearing non-PC.

Besides, anyone who really gets their news from Facebook is not terribly smart.

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