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Democrats Pursue Voter Fraud Leading Up To 2020

Rod Thomson

Mark Hemingway at Real Clear Investigations recently wrote a solid piece about the “data problem” with getting clean voter rolls and eradicating voter fraud.

He’s right, there is a data problem. And a management problem. And a competence problem. After all, government runs elections and government is pretty famously awful in all of those categories. But those are manifestations of a deeper problem that is going to dog the country in 2020 and almost assuredly beyond.

One of our two major parties opposes any attempts to enforce voting laws and block illegal voting, and has even begun making overt attempts to create legal voting pathways for non-citizens.

It’s fairly clear that the Democratic Party sees electoral benefit in non-citizens voting, and rightly so because of the gargantuan number of illegal Hispanics in the U.S. and first generation Hispanics are heavily Democratic voters.

Further, Democratic leadership sees a winning issue with the base and some Independents by painting Republicans as racistly trying to suppress the minority vote in their modest attempts to clean up voter rolls — even when those attempts are mandated by law.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not only supposedly the most moderate among the Democratic presidential candidates, he’s just as quick as any new radical or old school Democrat to play the race card against Republicans.

Race is used dishonestly as a cudgel on virtually any issue. In 2012, speaking to a largely black Virginia audience about Mitt Romney’s plan to allow some deregulation of Wall Street, Biden told the crowd: “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

Pretty despicable, but also a hardened part of the Democratic platform in every election — and a real hot-button when connected with voting rights.

Republicans support basic voter identification laws to ensure ballot integrity. You just need to prove who you are to be able to cast that vote. This seems like it should be a bipartisan mom and apple pie issue.

But to Democrats like Biden, who supposedly represents the less radical arm of the Democratic Party, voter ID laws are an opportunity to slap down that tattered race card yet again. They purposely oppose every effort to create clean, up-to-date voter rolls.

Laws vary from state to state, but voter identification laws generally require that identification be presented before a voter reaches the ballot box. In some states, such as Florida where statewide vote margins can be razor thin, the ID must be shown at the polls, while other states only require it for voter registration. But in some states, such as Arizona, any ID, including a utility bill, will do.

Republicans say these laws protect against voter fraud by ineligible voters, including voting by illegal immigrants and double and triple voting.

For Democrats, it’s an opportunity to invigorate racial division and fear mongering. Here’s Biden at it again during a rally last month in South Carolina:

“You’ve got Jim Crow sneaking back in. You know what happens when you (black people) have an equal right to vote? They lose.”

So if Democrats see an opportunity to whip up racial tension among blacks and Hispanics that translate into more votes, they have zero motivation to actually try to ensure ballot box integrity. We’ve seen this recently in multiple states, including Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania, where attempts to make sure the voting rolls were cleaned up were met with vitriolic opposition and lawsuits.

The interesting fact is that there is no real evidence that voter ID laws actually suppress the votes of legal voters, including black voters. Even the left-of-center data site FiveThirtyEight substantially concludes this by looking at laws and voter turnout.

So does the left-of-center Brookings Institute in looking at Pennsylvania and Georgia, which both cleaned up their voting rolls prior to the 2018 election. Yet both saw huge jumps in black voter turnout — during a non-presidential midterm election.

“In fact, Georgia is one of the few states where black voter turnout exceeded white voter turnout in 2018. Moreover, its 2018 black voter turnout of 60 percent exceeded its turnout in the 2016 presidential election by 1 percent,” according to Brookings.

But this record black turnout, exceeding white turnout, does not stop Democrat Stacey Abrams, who lost a close race for Governor, to claim that she is the real winner because of voter suppression that limited the black vote. Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris has said the same thing, both claiming to black audiences that Abrams was robbed of the victory by the GOP.

And of course San Francisco has voted to allow illegal immigrants and other noncitizens to vote in local elections. The fear by illegals that they will be identified by ICE has kept their numbers down, but the city has spent more than $300,000 in voter registration drives aimed at illegal residents. They really, really want illegals voting.

This is the undeniably glaring problem with trying to have clean, legal elections without fraud. Democrats don’t want it. They want both illegal votes of non-citizens, mostly Hispanics, and they want to fear monger blacks into high turnout while voting 90 percent Democrat.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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5 replies on “Democrats Pursue Voter Fraud Leading Up To 2020”

It is the Battle of the Bulge for democrats come 2020. They will pull every trick they can to seize power knowing that if they fail to win the presidency, they are done as a party.

The mysterious arrival of boxes of ballots in many House races in 2018 was just a test for 2020. It worked well and the democrats are probably printing ballots now in preparation.

It is up to all American citizens, all, to use the ballot box in 2020 or we will be using the cartridge box in 2021.

Why do voting machines have the option to be in Spanish? Why is there early voting for weeks prior to the election? Why can a 20 year old with two legs and two arms a vehicle and their own place mail in a ballot? Why do dead people vote? Why are polls almost always wrong?

Answer election fraud! It goes on at every level and every city. It is disgusting. The media makes up polls. The media is in sync with hit pieces of candidates that dont tow the establishment line( outsiders). The media covers paid protesters as being “organic.” The media creates a narrative that is far away from reality then reports like it is the reality.

You create a scandal, cover a dozen paid protesters, plant a couple people in a town hall, interview fake witnesses or associates of candidate. Have your fellow traitors in media hype the made up story. Then you steal the election on election night through voter fraud, and attacking state servers.

That is how they steal elections.

when someone says democrats are pursuing voter fraud, it means they are looking for ways to increase it, not fight it. but only for democrats of course. republicans don’t count.

And Republican Secretaries of State, like the appointed dullard we have in FL, will do NOTHING about reported vote fraud. In fact, True the Vote had to file a lawsuit against the black Supervisor of Elections in St. Lucie County, for her 141% 2012 turnout, and TTV prevailed.

And yet NOTHING was done by the ho-hum SOS. If there is anything that we should be pursuing other than local voting integrity (being a poll worker, poll watcher, elections judge, etc), it is pressuring our governors to strengthen the SOS offices to investigate and prosecute vote fraud.

For those who are complicit in the current spread of accusations of democrats participating in voter fraud , remember democrats and independents , even some republicans see this as a kremlin playbook propaganda currently attacking America . Whoever is attempting to divide this country through disinformation such as this better take a step back . This chaos is all about trump , Putin’s favorite puppet , giving this oxygen only puts our elections in peril from another election in question . It’s clear it’s another version. Of point the finger at the other , while you do the same thing you are accusing others in order to defect responsibility . This is a badly acted republican soap opera , weaponized by data , mindset of American voters who were fooled into thinking trump was acceptable . Brad perscale , trumps current campaign manager knows that in order to pull off another electorate win , the misinformation campaign has to Again begin , twisting of stolen data , the driving of fears , manipulations of fears , bots and targeting of voters through data stolen in the manner that Cambridge analytica stole our last election . Trump realizes he has trouble , and we can see it through his search continentally , for offers from American enemies to meddle and create false narratives that destroy trump rivals and help brew the current climate of hate we are experiencing . Don’t let the propaganda choose our candidates . Discover how many candidates for senate and House of Representatives are receiving foreign donations . We need some good ole house cleaning of America’s enabling the manipulations of elections . Protect the vote . Paper ballots as backup . Realize that those 5 minute craft videos on iTunes are the next generation of Russian intervention , as they have been sources of the next generation influence through avatar , ( phony people ) And Vietnamese hackers . Don’t take facebook quizzes and realize that the internet is being flooded with bots and misinformation with startling rise of methods and influence that could harm our democracy . Remember that misinformation is intended to divide Americans to weaken the power of the United , there are elements still lurking from the last election , in our computers , and we all need to counter them together to crush all attempts to destroy our choice of candidates in future elections . This election coming up will be attacked from every angle feverishly like no other . Once the enemy got in , this time we need to fight harder for our American dream to preserve our way of life , and to kick out the harmful actors that are poised to destroy it . This is a war we must win . Become knowledgeable of your enemy , and who it is . There was a time an attack in America was considered crazy because we as a united people were powerful and resilient to attacks . Now we are doubting eachother and are allowing foreign governments to divide our loyalties and the increase in chaos stems from one candidate who’s oath of office is questionable at best , and destructive at worst . Elections have consequences . Bad candidates have too much power once elected . The free world depends on America to be the example of democracy , don’t be fooled by dirty tricksters with agendas that are not patriotic and misinform and promote division . A president needs to unite and lead in accordance and be responsible within the massive power given to the office of the president . Transparency and experience are required for the job of our leader . Violations of constitutions shoukd not be tolerated and we need to hold all citizens to account . After all the health of this country should be our Collective agenda . Protecting America from invasion from enemies should be our first order of business . Those who compromise our safety , our democracy ,, should be weeded out , to neutralize the threat . Five years ago , I never imagined that we would be this far under water , this divided , this confused about the news , who to trust . But here we are . Doing the right thing is nevertheless easy . But democracy is worth it . Our country is worth dying for. We need to remember what brings us together , not tears us apart . We need to stand up for eachother , not attack the weak , protect the guilty , we are better than that. Democracy is fragile . We can’t continue at this pace and recover as a nation . It’s time we start pulling the weeds out from our backyard before they take over , killing all the flowers and beauty . Question those who’s main agenda that includes actions against fellow Americans . Making you fear or mistrust the neighborhood you live in . What has happened to get us to this point of unrest and mistrust , all in a record number of only three years ? One candidate . With him came the flush of misinformation and chaos . Suddenly we can’t trust eachother , and embrace Russia as a friend . Russia , and everything about Russia is the true enemy of freedom . The natural enemy of America . Be informed . By pulling this weed we can return to a time in which America disagreed , but still were united under one flag . When we celebrated our differences not used them as weapons against eachother . This is the fastest way to ruin . Allowing outside influences to pit one agai t the other . Putin doesn’t want to join us , he wants to own us . So this election season , prevent those welcoming the enemy into our house , and be smart about data and misinformation. Campaigns headed up by greedy candidates , offering only fear and loathing to America . This is not our future . Or the future we leave for our generations . Before 2016 , elections in US were considered fair and clear of manipulations . But the introduction of internet and social media hacking , our last election , we’ve opened a day or vulnerable to attacks in 2020. Some of the threats are still there from 2016 . Remember anyone promoting hate , dividing Americans isn’t the standard if leader we need to get out if this mess we are in . We aren’t benefitting from these constant distractions , infighting and bad behavior , rebel rousing . It only hurts us as a nation to display this image world wide . We need a calm strength we can trust in a world on fire . Invest in knowledge of candidates running . Take America back . We were always great , We were great because of us United , not because of electing one man . One man Doesn’t make us great again , we were always great . Don’t let one man tell you we weren’t or can’t be great together don’t let anyone tell you what we are that we aren’t the best . Vote and avoid giving in to lies that your fellow Americans are trying to get one over in you . Division is the oldest trick in the book . Those who promote it aren’t worth a damn .

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