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We Fight For A Righteous Cause

By Rod Thomson

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” 

— Thomas Paine

For Paine, that “service of their country” was fighting with weapons of war, armies as well as words. But what does that service of our country look like today? So other than through our military, what does fighting for our country mean today?

What it doesn’t mean is passing around half-baked rumors your cousin Vinny told you like a gaggle of old women gossiping in the quilting circle. Remember how the media and the left lied incessantly about Trump’s Charlottesville press conference for years by putting a sentence he did say into a context it was not said in? Remember how they did that constantly with Trump and Republicans, writing stories with anonymous sources or the thinnest of “evidence” and then going bat crap crazy? 

We are not them. Sowing chaos and civil breakdown is the stated desire of Antifa, BLM, Alinskyites, Soros-funded organizations, many university professors and the rest of the sordid American Left.

However having said that, the battle is real. The war is real. And we must fight for our righteous cause, because it is indeed that because the battle must be grounded on the soaring ideals encompassed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. It’s the conquest of righteous ideas such as fair and trusted elections, the rule of law, equality under that law over a chaotic power struggle in the streets.

In action right now, it means litigating every state that has poor election laws or obviously suspicious actions. That means providing evidence that stands up in a courtroom. I strongly support President Trump and his team pursuing that everywhere it is justified — which seems to be in far too many places. He needs to prosecute the case to the bitter end, whatever that may be.

Pennsylvania appears to be a dumpster fire of potential corruption and fraud, from the state Supreme Court literally changing the voting law ahead of time because of Covid; to counting stations boarding up windows so Republicans cannot see in and blocking certified Republican poll watchers from entrance *even after* a Judge ordered them allowed in; to absurdly high turnouts in Philadelphia. It’s impossible to not think that reeks of election tampering and Democrats and the media should join Republicans in being outraged. So far, not. But we fight.

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Milwaukee wards that seem to have more than 100 percent turnout and some vote dumps that appear to be 100 percent for Biden in a couple of states should be investigated and litigated. Wisconsin’s 89 percent turnout compared to 61 percent four years ago is very hard to believe. Detroit and Atlanta also had enormous turnout favoring Biden far more than Hillary Clinton, yet we know Trump nearly doubled his support in the black community. 

There is so much more smoke and likely fire that must — absolutely must — be ferreted out for the good of America, regardless of how it impacts this election. Where there is suspicious activity that casts doubt on the legitimacy of the vote, we should fight for the truth. We will be alone, actually we will be fought against by every major culture moving industry starting with the media, but we fight.

We may find out in the end that there are legitimate reasons for Biden flipping some states from election night with later vote-counting in the following days. Here’s one I suggest as a real rational explanation: Trump and many Republicans urged everybody to vote on the day of the election or at least in-person early voting, and not do mail-in voting. I think that is right. But the Democrats, with their exaggerated Covid fears, urged their people to vote by mail. The in-person votes are the fastest (and least susceptible to fraud) while the vote-by-mail tabulations take longer. This could explain Trump’s early lead being overtaken. We can’t just discard rational thinking and common sense — we’re the folks who are fighting for that.

But maybe that same explanation is also the avenue for skullduggery by the corrupt machines in some major cities — Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee — and that cannot be allowed. So it must be litigated and prosecuted fully. And while it could explain the flip, it is a stretch in that it does not explain the voter turnout numbers that are more than suspicious.

All of this is fighting for the rule of law because that is what conservatives and traditional Americans believe in. Following the rules, not changing them mid-stream or ignoring them (aka, cheating.) Litigation and spotlighting also acts as a level of accountability to those trying to hide in the dark. It’s clear that Democrats and the media will not join us in any of this. But we fight on and must for America to remain America — that bright shining city on a hill. They scoff at that. We know it’s true because we know history.

And if in the end there is insufficient evidence produced that voter fraud tipped the election and Trump loses, we carry-on because we are conservatives and traditionalists and good people. But I suspect there will be enough that most Trump supporters will not believe it was a legitimate election — which is why we must fight to ensure this never happens again. We won’t throw a four-year temper tantrum creating fake scandals, fake impeachments, fake  news stories, the complete corruption of the top levels of government, rioting and burning of cities, and the general dissolution of civil society — because our side lost. None of that has been wrought by the right and it will not be.

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We will get back to work and try to save our country from the calamitous Green New Deal, packing the Supreme Court, creating national healthcare and instituting the Fairness Doctrine to censor conservative talk radio — the only place the right has a voice not being censored right now by the left. And the first fight there apparently will be Georgia Senate runoffs.

The left has made a wreckage of our institutions from universities to the media to virtually every department of government in Washington. They cannot be allowed to do the same with the election process. In a democratic Republic, if we do not trust election outcomes, we are doomed. The left cast a four-year shadow over Trump’s legitimate election in 2016 by claiming that he only won because of Russian interference. To this day, Hillary Clinton still claims that. Too many Democrats believe Trump stole the election, that laughably he is a Russian asset. They have taken multiple steps to create enormous distrust in our elections — not Trump’s statements, those pale in comparison to the order of battle attacks from the left.

One of the imperatives we must fight for is election reform of an entirely different sort. We should eliminate mail-in ballots. Period. All voting should be in-person only because every supervisor of elections will tell you those are the hardest to make fraudulent. Go to a polling place, stand in line if need be, prove you are who you claim to be and you are registered and verified, and vote. That alone would restore some confidence to the process and eliminate these long, terrible countings of mail-in ballots where both fraud and error is easily perpetrated and conspiracies get hatched. 

Too many of the same hucksters will cry about voter disenfranchisement. Nonsense. If you can go to the store and get candy or cigarettes, or visit your doctor, or meet friends at a bar or go to work or do almost anything normal in life, you can go vote at the polls. If you are functioning at such a low level that you do not have a driver’s license or any other form of ID, then you don’t get to vote.

Legitimate elections are bedrock to America. We cannot repeat another 2020, where we are looking like those countries where we send poll watchers to ensure honest elections. This is unacceptable. So we fight.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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3 replies on “We Fight For A Righteous Cause”

This corruption is not just the demoncraptic party, it is also a majority of the republicant party and the deep state that is made up of many countries that are trying to control the NWO/OWO. This has been happening for the past 60 years and it will not stop until we unmask these bastards for what they are!

Possibly your best piece ever. Superb job. Fraud has been a Dem keystone, since at least JFK. And then, Nixon did not fight it, although the Cook County fraud would have been easy enough to prove.

We don’t know much about how FDR got a fourth term as a walking dead man, other than the media embargo of his health, as well as his sordid affairs. Go ahead, picture a paralyzed man being helped (by one or more staff) to assume the position. And, by the time of the 1944 election, his popularity had wanted a bit.

It was quite clear by 1944 that FDR had advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor, but opponent Dewey was pressured to not mention this, for “the good of the country.” Think about that.

Do people in the super lockdown states like California realize that the American Revolution was launched for less?

Thanks for the kind words, Michael. Yes, the Democrats are the clear party of corruption. Unfortunately, the “watchdogs” are of the same party.

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