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Whatfinger Has Solidified Itself As The Premier Drudge Alternative

Rod Thomson

Last year at this time, we determined, and suggested to our readers, that was rapidly becoming the go-to conservative aggregator site, replacing the Drudge Report and its increasing use of the mainstream media, celebrities and salaciousness to drive hits.

A year later, we can safely conclude that Whatfinger is no longer “rapidly becoming the go-to conservative aggregator site” — it simply is, hands down. There are other conservative aggregators out there, but none that so consistently put out news links, not celebrity gossip, tabloid nonsense.

Did I say links? This is where Whatfinger shines — kind of obvious for an aggregator, and yet where it totally dominates Drudge or others.

Whatfinger puts up a minimum of 150 new links daily — in it’s middle column alone. That is at least three times the amount of new links from Drudge. Plus Whatfinger has another 100 to 150 in sections. So Whatfinger has probably seven times the news on a daily basis as Drudge, and none of it wasted on nonsense links about Jay-Z or 50-pound babies.

Whatfinger grew from being nearly the top 13,000 in the U.S. last year at this time to being near the top 7,000 this year, according to Alexa rankings. That is a huge jump in that high range, but all the more so considering it creates a new page for reader ease when you click a link — unlike Drudge, which does not and requires you to click back to Drudge, thus artificially inflating hits and making it look bigger.

Whatfinger is becoming so ubiquitous and trusted on the right, that our readers even suggest Whatfinger in comments to other commenters.

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With that, here’s our story from last year on why Whatfinger is so superior to Drudge for conservative, traditional Americans:

The Drudge Report is the undisputed champion of news aggregate sites, and has been since the Clinton years. It’s iconic and people are comfortable with it. But it’s also filled with a lot of the cultural garbage that is irrelevant to many right-leaning readers, uses sensationalized headlines and includes just too much of the weird alien nonsense for those who are simply looking to stay on top of current events.

Staying on top of events as a conservative without some type of aggregator is almost impossible because of the innate and well-deserved distrust conservatives have for the mainstream media. Fortunately, there is an emerging treasure trove of conservative sites. But most people don’t have the time to wade through them all.

That’s where comes in. The relatively young conservative aggregator site is already nearing the 13,000 rank in Alexa among all web sites in the United States, quickly making it a player in the space. And there is a reason. It is chock full of links to mostly conservative sites with news and commentary, but organized into top stories, hot tweets, Trump news, political commentary, U.S. news, world news and more. The headlines and linking site are clearly delineated so you don’t click a link and get assaulted by a surprise site. There is even a section with a slate of stories and links to liberal/mainstream media sites under “Fake News Quarantine Section.”

The editors say they purposely include those “opposing views for specific issues (such as MSNBC vs FOX). This is how you get to the truth, by digesting all points of view and then coming to your own opinion and conclusion. In other words…freedom to think and feel and learn without censorship.”

The Whatfinger name comes from the simple concept of thumbs up, thumbs down or, of course, the middle finger. The site is founded and run by former members of the military who are unapologetic lovers of America but keep their personal identities under wraps for understandable reasons.

They have one, basic goal with the site, found on their “about” page: “You could say, we are in a relentless pursuit of creating the greatest go-to link news site ever.”

That’s a tough hill that means dethroning the Drudge Report from the current position. Not easy. Drudge still takes a good pulse on the news, but it includes so many ancillary click-baity stuff that it is not great for serious news consumers. In conversations with the editors, they say that once people find Whatfinger, they generally continue to use it instead of returning to Drudge or lesser aggregators.

The editors seem to have a good instinct for what right-leaning Americans want to read, leading to their rapid growth that has been entirely fueled by word of mouth — quite amazing in this age where political space is crowded with endless options. But in part, that crowded field is leading to Whatfinger’s usefulness: The editors cull the best stories from the Web for easy use with headlines typically taken from the stories — not over sensationalized.

We took a look at Whatfinger when we saw a bump in traffic from the site. We had not heard of it. But it’s quickly become a new favorite. Consider this digital word of mouth.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Revolutionary Act has no financial relationship with Whatfinger and does not accept payment for articles ever. We do provide a link to them at our site and they link to our stories — because both parties believe in the other’s work.)

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Drudge Got You Down? / Try WHATFINGER NEWS


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14 replies on “Whatfinger Has Solidified Itself As The Premier Drudge Alternative”

I can’t stand Drudge and his anti Christian bigotry, selective conservatism. His support and playing cheerleader for that fraud Beto was the last straw. But if Whatfinger can’t even set up simple RSS feed, the I am not interested. No one would read Drudge if it wasn’t for his RSS feed. Both sites are unreadable, and to be able to compete, whatfinger and any other source need to have solid feed.

yep.. after many views of drudge, I can say the site is no longer of any interest to me.. whatfinger is a great alternative. replaced as my conservative site in July 2018. It is obvious that Drudge has switched to bias reporting.

Drudge has been my home page for over 20 years now & I don’t see that changing any time soon — but I would love to see WhatFinger give Matt some competition & become a more important go-to website than Drudge is. The more honest voices in the marketplace the better!

Drudge sucks, no really it does.

Drudge refuses to identify who, or what you’re clicking onto because most visitors would refuse to click onto most of their contributors. The resultant product is unsatisfactory because the customer is forced to click and then dump the screen load when they see what they have gotten from the grab bag of misinformation and propaganda .

And even, if a customer is willing to review a post, the vast majority of Drudge contributing sites won’t allow the reader to comment, which means the customer has to accept false assertions without being able to question, or challenge them.

Whatfinger has a vastly superior product by virtue of both these differences. I’ll click once, maybe twice on Drudge and invariably I’m disappointed. I can easily spend whole mornings, or afternoons on Whatfinger.

Really? Whatfinger?

Looked good initially till they started promoting the BBC, one of the worst globalist fake news sites at the top. Anyone that promotes the BBC is controlled opposition.

The BBC is funded by British and Irish taxpayers via a forced TV License. The BBC is a criminal organization, heavily involved in protecting, even promoting pedophilia.

The BBC is inventing stories working with ‘Intelligence Agencies’, doxing dissenters, promoting anti Brexit sentiment and communism.

I am done with Drudge.
Whatfinger is not an honest alternative.

However, is.

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