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White Privilege? Looks More Like Asian Privilege…And Hispanic

Rod Thomson

Undergirding the rioting and burning of American cities is the concept of white privilege, which apparently is so insidious that most white people don’t recognize they have, but has been responsible for trampling black people up to this moment. The so-called and unsupportable “systemic racism” case relies on a white privilege foundation so that white people who do not feel racist or commit racist acts must nonetheless relent to being part of the problem keeping black people down.

So the question to be put is: Is there white privilege? Or is there choice privilege? Stay with me on this, because it’s awesomely easy.

It indeed looks like white privilege on the surface, considering disparities from income and wealth to education and incarceration. Anyone can see that much. But is that the whole story or are there underlying factors that drive the differences because of individual choices that are cumulative in groups of people?

Without going into the underlying choices involved in each category, all of which is spelled out in the statistics, I’ll jump to what seems like the obvious death knell of this postmodernist theory of white privilege: Asians.

In every measurable category, Asians do better than whites. Income, education, crime rate. Asians outperform whites across the board. By dint of the argument for white privilege, then there must be even more Asian privilege than white privilege. That would be news to the descendants of Chinese immigrants who were virtual slave laborers building railroads in the 19th century, or Japanese Americans rounded up and interned for the duration of WWII — two groups that now exceed whites in America. 

But the proponents of white privilege — white and black progressives — refuse to even respond to this.

So let’s go further. Hispanics outperform blacks in those categories. Not by as much, but statistically significant still. So is there Hispanic privilege compared to blacks? That sounds sort of absurd. And finally, blacks who immigrated here in recent years do better than blacks who have lived here for generations. In all the categories. New blacks privilege? It starts to sound nonsensical, because at root it is.

In all these groups, different choices are made by members of the groups. If you look at Asians, the marriage rate is higher (choice,) family strength is stronger (choice,) the graduation rate is higher (choice,) and crime rate is lower (choice.) 

I’ll give one fundamental statistic from the U.S. Department of Education: In 2016, the percentage of children living with married parents was highest for Asian children (84 percent), followed by white children (73 percent); then Hispanic children (57 percent each); and finally for black children (33 percent). Blacks who immigrated here in recent years also have higher family cohesiveness. This statistic alone tracks directly with outcomes in the above areas used to support white privilege.

But nobody, and I mean nobody, is willing to have this conversation about root causes. Instead, somehow, people jump to blaming cops and burning down cities, to reparations and kneeling, to tearing down the country. 

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I get it, slavery and Jim Crow. But we’re 165 years removed from slavery and generations from Jim Crow, allowing time for good choices to take hold. And some have. Dr. Ben Carson. Thomas Sowell. Sen. Tim Scott. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Former President Barack Obama. They and thousands of others from impoverished broken homes have made different choices and changed the cycle. Because of that Maya and Sasha Obama will have enormous privileges. More than virtually every white person.

But again, no one wants that conversation.

It seems to me that if you created a privilege ladder based on the way the white privilege purveyors measure such privilege, it would go:

  • Asians
  • Whites
  • Hispanics
  • Blacks

But the choice privilege ladder would also look the exact same. Doesn’t it seem obvious which privilege really drives outcomes?

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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8 replies on “White Privilege? Looks More Like Asian Privilege…And Hispanic”

“Nobody wants to have that conversation “ evidenced by the lack of comments on the article. Facts are hard to “whitewash” so they are ignored. Nice factual article, it’s a shame there is little interest in the truth!!!
Keep reporting though, I read it.

Light skinned Asians as well as white presenting Hispanics all do have privilege and it is widely acknowledged within their groups. There is also rampant colorism, where light skinned POC are favored more than dark skinned POC. Maybe actually have conversations with people within these groups before claiming that no one wants to talk about privilege.


You just provided impressions and anecdotes while I provided factual data. People can have impressions, but not all impressions are accurate.


Your article is based on generalizations of Hispanics and Asians, using shallow data to back it up. Looking at data at face value without considering the historical and cultural implications is intellectually irresponsible.

You list Chinese and Japanese Americans who are doing well now, but forget to mention all the Asian American ethnic groups who are not – Burmese, Laotian, Hmong Americans who are suffering. Yes, Asian Americans in general may perform better economically than Whites/Hispanics/Blacks but they are severely underrepresented in the media and government. Why?

I’m not denying that you made some really interesting points. Choice privilege vs White privilege is not something I’ve heard before, but I think it’s because it’s the same thing. Having any kind of privilege means you have a choice and have that choice be accepted by everyone.

Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women have all been significant benefactors of various Affirmative Action programs and policies since the 1970s even those these programs and policies violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I was a manager in corporate America during the 1970s when Affirmative Action was administered by the federal government. Quota management, even though that term was fervently denied, was placed on all major corporations which applied it to the letter. Any manager who resisted was removed from management. Because of Affirmative Action, the concept of race and ethnic based organizations was launched. One of the most obvious one is the Congressional Black Caucus, whose preemptive qualification for membership is race, in direct violation the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Not to be outdone, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus soon followed.

I don’t see efforts anywhere to keep blacks down. Look at all the programs around granting them privilege, advancement over more qualified candidates, housing, food and medical benefits, and lowered standards. What I do see is blacks not being able to meet even these diminished standards, continuously following democrats that blatantly use and abuse them and showing no self respect to better themselves.

Hispanics – Spanish and Portuguese – brought more African blacks into slavery in the Western Hemisphere than the English, French, and Dutch combined. Yet, today in North America, Hispanics are not considered “white” of European descent, indeed, they are considered a minority with the same federal protections as blacks.

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